Information & Exclusions 

  • Points and rewards cannot be used together in one visit and cannot be combined with any additional offers or coupons.
  • Points and rewards are not redeemable for alcohol. 
  • Points and rewards must be used on future purchases (points earned in a visit are not immediately redeemable).

Common FAQs 

  • What kind of rewards can I expect?
    • Each dollar spent at El Huevo earns you one point. Points can be redeemed for cash discounts! El Huevo loyalty program also offers special bonus point periods, birthday and anniversary rewards, spending threshold bonuses, secret menu items, and other exclusive loyalty member offers.
  • How long are my points/rewards good for? 
    • As long as you visit El Huevo at least once per year, your rewards and points never expire.
  • How do I register my card?
    • To register as a loyalty member, please visit You must complete your profile before points can be collected or redeemed. 
  • How do I cancel my card?
  • Where can I get a card?
    • You can register as a loyalty member at El Huevo.
  • Can I link two accounts together? 
    • Two members of the same family can merge their accounts together. Please visit El Huevo for assistance, or use the contact form at this link:
  • I have a card, why am I not getting any points? 
    • If you have completed your profile at and you still believe you are not collecting points, please visit El Huevo for assistance, or use the contact form at this link: Please provide your name, receipt, and contact information to expedite the service process.
  • How do I edit my information?
    • You may update or edit any of your personal information in our loyalty program by logging into your account:
  • Who do I contact if I have further questions?
  • I didnโ€™t receive my birthday or anniversary reward. How do I get this?
  • How do I choose my reward? 
    • Once you log into your account, a pop-up window will prompt you to select a reward or to use your points.
  • Can I redeem more than one reward per purchase? 
    • You may only redeem one reward per purchase and must choose between using a reward or redeeming points. Reward and point redemption cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or coupons.

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